IQNOX developers are industry professionals in the latest PTC platforms such as ThingWorx, Vuforia, and Windchill RV&S.

Some of the PTC training courses we teach:

  • ThingWorx Crash Course
  • ThingWorx Fundamentals
  • ThingWorx Connectivity
  • ThingWorx Advanced Modeling
  • PTC RV&S Life-cycle Manager
  • Vuforia and ThingWorx



Our Instructors are certified to train your workforce in leading platforms like PTC ThingWorx, PTC ILM, and PTC Vuforia.

Custom training

Training sessions can be customized to the fit the customers needs. Course content is modular and can be mixed and matched with parts of other courses to make sure your company gets instructor-led training that includes individual feedback.

Thingworx crash course

IQNOX has also developed their own ThingWorx beginner course to help developers who are new to ThingWorx get up and running quickly

PTC ILM admin course

Our instructors are certified experts in ILM and we teach best practices on maintaining your Integrity servers. Our courses are tailored to your workforces so you can be sure that you are getting the best training.

We can’t wait to work with you.