Widget Development

Our widgets take versatility to a whole new level. While widgets can sometimes be limiting, we believe that they don’t have to be. Our team has the expertise to develop custom features that can be tailored to your specific use case, allowing for greater flexibility and functionality. With IQNOX’s custom widgets, you can enjoy the benefits of both versatility and customization, without any restrictions. Let us help you take your widget game to the next level!

Service Team

These are the most performant and efficient widgets available today, made to ease the development process and achieve your goals faster.

Official Google Map Thingworx Widget

Maps but more

A more advanced version of the original Google Map widget. All these new options give the developer more flexibility to offer the user the information they need.

You can now request enhancements for features available in the Google Maps API.

Official CSV Parser For Thingworx Extension

Get the most from your CSV

Parse and manipulate CSV files within ThingWorx. This allows you to import CSV data and store in ThingWorx, or merely treat it as a data store and extract additional value from the CSV data.

Official Twillio For Thingworx Extension

Twillio, keeping you in touch

Twilio extension provides the ability to send SMS text and voice messages from ThingWorx through the Twilio communication platform.