IQNOX Widget Pack

for ThingWorx

Pack of 17 most robust and intuitive widgets to speed up your development

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Better mashup loading time1

Cold Load Times

ThingWorx Widgets


IQNOX Widgets


Hot Load Times

ThingWorx Widgets


IQNOX Widgets


Script load time2 – Lower is better

  1. All speed tests were conducted on a local ThingWorx instance to mitigate network speed variability and ping, Chrome browser and Windows 10. For testing we used a Collection widget with a Cell mashup made up of the most used widgets in a given app and repeated 500 times. Both mashups with OOTB widgets and IQNOX widgets have the same type and number of widgets. Results may vary based on system configuration, mashup content and other factors.
  2. Cold load time refers to the first time the app loads with no cache for any of the widgets. Hot load applies when navigating to a mashup within the same application. Script load time – the time the browser takes to execute the JavaScript code associated with the widget. This does not include resource download time and rendering time which have similar values in both cases.

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