Understanding IQNOX

IQNOX was established in 2019 and opened its first office in sunny Mt. Dora Florida. Founded by industry veterans in the IoT and ALM space, IQNOX leverages many years of experience to exceed your organizations expectations.

We are a rapidly growing high-tech consulting company mainly focused in the IoT space. Our founders have a long history of software development and consulting. We are implementers, educators, and enablers who believe in hiring smart people and letting them do what they do best.

We Are Technology Solutions Experts

IQNOX was founded on the belief that for a business to succeed you need to simply give smart people the tools and environment to succeed in. Our team has a passion for technology and a strong desire to solve problems.

Michael Tesmer – CEO & Founder

Graduating valedictorian with a degree in Computer Science, Michael Tesmer has been working as a software architect since 2007. While working at PTC he held principal positions as both an ALM Technical Specialist, as well as an IoT Customer Success Solutions Architect. His success at PTC allowed him to be chosen as the lead architect for a tiger team responsible for PTCs largest contracts. Michael leveraged his love of the IoT space, as well as his large appetite for solving problems to found IQNOX.

Donald Smith – Solutions Engineer

Donald graduated with a degree in Computer Science and found a passion for education. His ability to clearly communicate complex content to mixed audiences of experience allowed him to direct multiple courses working with hundreds of students. From software design documentation, implementation and best practices, Donald gave students a real-world education. Leaving the academia world, Donald brought over 15 years of experience to IQNOX helping customers to achieve their ALM goals as well as implementing next-gen IoT applications.

Petrisor Lacatus – Senior Solutions Engineer

With more than four years of experience as a Senior Technical Specialist at PTC in one of the leading technical presales teams, Petrisor has a deep understanding of the IoT space and the connected fields like Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Industrial Applications. Technical proficiency in Java, C, SQL, and TypeScript make him a truly diverse and invaluable asset. Always eager to learn new technology, he uses this passion to bring innovative new solutions to every project that he works on.

Gabriel Bucur – UI/UX Specialist

Having a successful career as a UI/UX Designer, Gabriel has worked on a wide range of projects from iOS & Android apps, to website design, and even print design. Working directly in the IoT space for over three years at PTC, Gabriel’s proficiency allowed him to hold the position of Senior Web Designer. A keen eye for design and a deep proficiency in HTML and CSS allows Gabriel to add substantial value to every project he works on.

Olga Todorovic – Office Administrator

In addition to speaking 5 languages, Olga also brings over 10 years of experience managing medical practices. Her extensive knowledge of process and policies keeps us in check and while her title may be Office Administrator, she wears many hats from HR to Project Manager. Olga has a passion for technology and IoT, whether flying her drones or experimenting with the latest home automation gadgets, she’s always looking to the future.