ThingWorx Training

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We believe in interactive learning, so all of our classes involve some form of hands-on excercise for the end users. Classes typically start with slides to go over the general concepts and for students to keep as a reference followed by instructor-led guided activities.


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You just purchased ThingWorx and you're ready to get started but everyone outside of that key decision making team doesn't really understand what ThingWorx has to offer. This class gives users a basic overview of the ThingWorx platform as well as its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses are. Everyone involved in this training will be well equipped to understand how to best get value from the platform.

  • What is a ThingWorx Mashup?
  • What is a ThingWorx Model?
  • How does ThingWorx handle the Edge?
  • And more...


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This is a class for ThingWorx Administrators that covers all the topics relating to managing every aspect of the platform. From modeling to security and industry best practices ThingWorx Administrators will learn the techniques and strategies to build scalable performant solutions and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Modelling Best Practices
  • Data Structure Best Practices
  • System Integrations
  • Scalable Design
  • Security (Visibility, Groups, Organizations, Permissions)
  • And more...


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The most advanced class that goes over the deepest technical topics exploring the underlayer of how the Thingworx platform works to better make decisions when designing a solution. We look at how data is actually stored on the Platform and understand the pros/cons of the many options an Architect has while designing a system.

  • Inner workings of Data Structures and how they are stored/fetched
  • Optimizing memory usage
  • Creating a MultiTenant environment
  • Lifecycle of Things
  • Service/Subscription Best Practices
  • And more...