The IQNOX Baseline

We take a partner role in all our client engagements. Each project is different, and we provide whatever level of assistance is needed in each case, including but not limited to:

  • Needs analysis and strategy recommendation
  • Initiative planning
  • Project implementation
  • Staff augmentation

Our insights and input will give you the knowledge you need to optimize the time, investment, and ROI of your IoT or ALM initiatives.

No cookie cutters in sight. Only building blocks.

Many companies offer a diagram at about this spot on their sites, showing the steps that comprise their approach to projects. This cookie-cutter approach is designed more for them than for their clients.

We don’t have a diagram.

Every client, every goal, and every project are different. We don’t try to fit an engagement into our pre-determined project model. Instead, we use “building blocks” based on our experience and expertise and create the approach that’s right for each client.

Put the right IoT solution in place.

Knowing that IoT has great business value and knowing how to implement the best approach for your needs can be two different things.

With IQNOX on your team, the potential of IoT is endless. Our custom-built digital infrastructures are seamlessly integrated throughout the IoT stack.

Get your ALM in shape for success.

True ALM experts are few. ALM experts who also keenly understand business are even rarer. IQNOX is part of the rare breed, which is good news for you. We get things done right the first time, saving you time and money as well as helping you achieve your ALM goals.

See your business in a different way through AR

Having access to relevant information at the right time is difficult. Augmented reality brings a whole new dimension to your environment, especially in mission critical roles.

IQNOX can help you unlock all the information you are missing and bring it to your workers to boost productivity.