Identity and Access Management and Single Sign-On are growing needs of any enterprise adopting PTC products. IQNOX has unique capabilities to answer them.

As organizations go through their digital transformation journey, they adopt more and more cloud applications, IoT software and develop new in-house solutions. This means end users end up having to deal with more and more passwords throughout the day just to complete their work, and the IT department is overwhelmed by issues of access management and end users that forgot their passwords.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is the solution that simplifies access for users by a one click access to their applications, without compromising security policies and allowing new, more secure authentication methods like Multi-Factor Authentication.

Technology Leaders

Deploying an application built with PTC ThingWorx can be made simpler.

By connecting ThingWorx with your existing Single Sign-On solution or by helping you decide on one such solution, IQNOX can enable you to create a secure and easy to maintain application that your users find easy to use.

IQNOX is the first partner in the PTC Partner Network that supports non-standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) configurations.

IQNOX is uniquely positioned to support the adoption of SSO of any PTC ThingWorx customer. Our extensive knowledge the PTC Single Sign-On technologies combined with experience in using and configuring all the major enterprise Single Sign-On solution and the standards involved allows IQNOX to support a greater number of SSO configurations.

For customers seeking custom Identity and Access Management (IAM) configurations for ThingWorx, IQNOX has partnered with PTC to offer deployment, configuration, and full lifecycle maintenance of the following:

  • Okta as a replacement for PingFederate as a CAS, with Azure Active Directory, Shibboleth, Auth0, PingFederate as an IdP.

Architecture diagram with ThingWorx and Okta as a CAS

  • Auth0 as an Identity Provider (IdP), either through the PTC-supported Central Authentication Service (CAS) PingFederate or as a replacement for it.

Architecture diagram with ThingWorx and Auth0 as a CAS

  • Shibboleth as an IdP, using PingFederate, Auth0, or Okta as a CAS. Please contact us for more details regarding pricing and the exact services offered.

Architecture diagram with ThingWorx and PingFederate as a CAS

How can we support your SSO implementation?