Launch your company into the future with cutting-edge customized Augmented Reality solutions built by IQNOX

Every business is different and at IQNOX, we can help you develop the right strategy for integrating Augmented Reality into your daily operation.

  • Our platform
  • Prebuilt apps
  • Design
  • Development
  • Training

Technology Leaders

Our platform

Our specialists analyze your use-case and select the best-fit Augmented Reality platform for you. We leverage the powerful tools provided by PTC’s market-leading Vuforia platform to create a solution that will bring you the most value.

Vuforia Studio is a powerful tool that enables you to visualize CAD data or create interactive workflows for your shop floor workers.

Vuforia Engine is our go-to development platform which enables us to deliver cutting edge solutions for the most innovative scenarios.

Prebuilt apps

Chalk is a remote guidance application that enables you to provide remote help and maintenance by leveraging Augmented Reality.


IQNOX engineers spec out your environment and needs based on your use-case. We ensure that you have all the necessary components to create value quickly and efficiently.


IQNOX provides custom training packages for any skill level. Analyzing your specific use-cases, the skill sets of your employees, and the level of engagement you want, we craft tailor-made training sessions for your operation.


IQNOX can rapidly develop and deploy an Augmented Reality solution that helps you increase the productivity of your workers, visualize CAD data, overlay real-time system data and speed up the learning process of new employees.

How can we help your AR initiatives?