Conceptual Design and Requirements
“Don’t tell us you need a bridge, show us the canyon.”

Your business needs are unique and should not be addressed with a templated generic solution. IQNOX Conceptual Design Workshops give you peace of mind and confidence that your ALM and IoT solutions will be comprehensive, scalable, maintainable, and achievable. Our team of analysts and architects will guide you step by step through the process of tracing the root causes of your current pain points and identifying the scope of a possible solution. With this understanding you will have the knowledge you need to plan a way forward to achieve your digital vision.

How does this process add value to your organization?
  • Approach the project with a discovery mindset, rather than treating it as a workshop
  • Derive value from the discovery process to gain consensus among stakeholders
  • Clearly articulate the problem using best practices and cutting-edge technology to identify an effective solution
  • Present the solution in a clear and concise manner, providing the necessary information to accurately budget, gain additional support from stakeholders, and establish a timeline
  • Consolidate all relevant information, issues, and the proposed solution into a single actionable document.

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